A Smarter Way to Invest

Invest digitally with a persoanl AI Advisor

A Smarter Way to Invest

Trade Any Equity, ETF, Commodity or Index OnChain

A Smarter Way to Trade and Invest

AI is revolutionizing trading and investing by leveraging massive datasets to uncover insights and predict market trends and hidden opportunities. AI's predictive capabilities improve risk management and asset allocation, ensuring more personalized investment strategies. As the the underlying technologies driving AI continue to evolve, we plan on playing a major role in how in making AI more accessible to everyone.

Your AI Personal Advisor

The Advisor leverages AI to analyze large data sets, creates investment strategies and portfolios with real-time market data and insights enabling smart investment decisions.

Investing Made Simple

We harness the power of Blockchain to execute orders swiftly, eliminating the need for setting up a traditional broker account. Register. Click to trade. Pay with USDT. Smart Contracts do the rest.

Safeguard Your Savings

Shield your savings from the impact of inflation. Convert funds held in local currencies into Grade A Investments products and commodities that are denominated in major global currencies.

Invest Like A Pro

Diversify your portfolio and manage risks effectively. Gain exclusive access to government and corporate bonds, funds and ETFs typically beyond the reach of small investors.

High Dividend Stocks

Benefit from both income and growth potential when investing in stocks that pay out strong dividends. Invest with ease by conveniently with dividends paid out in USDT enabling higher ROI.

Defi Securities Trading

We unlock the power of the Blockchain to tokenize securities, revolutionizing the way you trade. Experience 24/7 secure and efficient trading on our Decentralized Exchange.

Risk Free Trading

Every new account on Chaintrade comes with a $ 100,000 credit in a virtual portfolio. Practice and trade across the financial markets. When you’re ready, switch to live trading with a single click.

OnChain Trading

Buy and own publicly listed equity, ETF, commodity or ETF with crypto. Receive security tokens 1 to 1 against your shares to trade as a derivative. Always consider the impact of market volatility on your investments and returns.

Investing for Everyone

Chaintrade democratizes trading, making it accessible to a broader audience facing challenges accessing capital markets. We simplify market entry with user-friendly tools and minimal investment requirements.

Trade Anytime, Anywhere

Trade leading stocks, bonds, commodities, funds, and private assets, wherever you are.

Enjoy the flexibility of fractional trading at the lowest costs with absolutely no hidden fees.


Buy and own publically listed stocks with either Crypto or Fiat. Receive security tokens 1 to 1 against your shares to trade as a derivative.


Buy and own publically listed bonds with either Crypto or Fiat. Balance your portfolio allocation.


Buy and own publically listed ETFs with either Crypto or Fiat. Receive security tokens 1 to 1 against your shares to trade as a derivative.


Buy and own publically listed Funds with either Crypto or Fiat. Receive security tokens 1 to 1 against your shares to trade as a derivative.


Buy and own publically listed Indices with either Crypto or Fiat. Receive security tokens 1 to 1 against your shares to trade as a derivative.


Buy and own publically listed Commodities with either Crypto or Fiat. Receive security tokens 1 to 1 against your shares to trade as a derivative.

AI Revolutionizes the Finance Industry
Introducing Chaintrade AI Advisor

Research and trade leading stocks, bonds, commodities, index’s and funds wherever you are. Enjoy the flexibility of fractional trading at the lowest costs with absolutely no hidden fees. Trade conventional assets without ever having to repatriate your crypto.

Chaintrade portfolio management utilizes AI to evaluate assets within a portfolio. Our AI analyzes performance, investor sentiment, fair value and risk factors to provide personal insights enabling informed decisions and optimized portfolio performance.

Artificial Intelligence

Efficiency, accuracy, and innovation enables financial institutions and investors to stay competitive in an increasingly complex and dynamic market environment.

Pattern Recognition

AI processes vast amounts of data quickly and accurately in order to analyze market trends and identify patterns and insights. Trained Signal detection allows higher probability insights and opportunities.

Algorithmic Trading

AI executes trades swiftly, leveraging market inefficiencies for better returns. Algorithmic trading boosts efficiency, minimizes errors, optimizes strategies and enhances speed in execution.

Risk Management

AI assesses risks comprehensively, identifying threats to portfolios and implementing effective mitigation strategies by predicting trends helping midigate losses.

Portfolio Management

AI optimizes asset allocation and identifies investment opportunities, maximizing returns. AI aids portfolio management by optimizing asset allocation, analyzing trends and managing risks.

Market Forecasting

AI analyzes data to forecast future trends accurately, aiding strategic decisions. AI improves market forecasting by analyzing vast data, detecting patterns, and predicting trends.

Quantitive Analysis

Machine learning and deep learning performs complex quantitative analysis on financial data, uncovering insights that traditional statistical methods may overlook.

Personalized Services

AI customizes products and services based on individual profiles, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty by tailoring advice, optimizing products, and enhancing customer experiences.

Return Optimization

AI customizes products and services based on individual profiles, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty by tailoring advice, optimizing products, and enhancing customer experiences.

Large Language Model (LLM) for Finance

Introducing a specialized language model tailored specifically for finance, with a focus on stocks, companies, revenue statements, balance sheets, and cash flow. Our advanced model is adept at retrieving and analyzing data from live data feeds, providing real-time insights and analysis for financial professionals and investors.

Whether you're researching a specific company, analyzing financial statements, or monitoring market trends, this language model is designed to deliver accurate and timely information to support informed decisionmaking. With its ability to process complex financial data and provide detailed analysis, this specialized model is an invaluable tool for anyoneinvolved in finance and investing.

LLM Features

Live Data Retrieval

Chaintrade retrieves real-time data from live data feeds, ensuring up-to-date analysis and insights.

Advanced Analytical Models

Pre-built, sophisticated models, including Discounted Cash Flow, Sharpe ratio, RSI, comparables, and stock trend tracking, deliver comprehensive financial insights.

AI Personal Assistant

Our Personal Assistant empowers users to generate free-text alert requests, interpreted by AI to notify you precisely when conditions align, enabling timely, just-in-time actions.

Charts Rendering

Chaintrade provides visual representations of data through chart rendering, including Price Movement and Bollinger Band signals, facilitating quick and easy interpretation of trends.

Detailed Financial Analysis

AI conducts comprehensive financial analyses of companies, offering detailed insights into financial performance and health, empowering users to make informed investment decisions.

AI Trading Advisor

Enhance your trading with our AI Advisor. It analyzes data, identifies opportunities, and minimizes risks, ensuring optimal investment decisions and returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

AI Advisor and Trading Platform

1. What is ChainTrade?

ChainTrade is an AI-based trading platform that uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to enable users to trade a variety of assets, including equities, commodities, ETFs, bond and Indices. The platform aims to provide an efficient and automated trading experience, leveraging artificial intelligence to optimize trading strategies and improve decision-making.

2. How do I get started with ChainTrade?

To begin trading on ChainTrade, you need to create an account on the platform. This involves providing some personal information and undergoing a verification process to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Once your account is set up, you can fund it using traditional currencies or cryptocurrencies, depending on the platform's options, and start trading.

3. What assets can I trade on ChainTrade?

ChainTrade offers trading in a wide range of assets. This typically includes major stock indices, individual stocks, commodities like gold and oil, and a variety of custom financial products. The platform may continuously expand its asset offerings based on market developments and user demand.

4. How does the AI feature enhance trading on ChainTrade?

The AI feature on ChainTrade enhances trading by analyzing vast amounts of market data and trends to predict market movements more accurately with purpose and reason.

5. Is ChainTrade secure?

ChainTrade prioritizes security with multiple layers of protection, including data encryption, secure login processes, and compliance with relevant financial regulations. The platform also implements regular security audits and updates to safeguard user information and assets against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

6. What is the AI Advisor on ChainTrade?

The AI Advisor on ChainTrade is a personalized trading assistant powered by artificial intelligence. It offers tailored advice based on individual trading styles, risk tolerance, and historical data. The AI Advisor monitors global markets around the clock, providing real-time insights and recommendations. This tool helps traders make informed decisions by predicting potential market movements and identifying trading opportunities. Users can configure the AI Advisor to receive alerts for specific assets or market conditions and can also opt to allow the AI Advisor to execute trades automatically within set parameters, thereby enhancing their trading efficiency and potential profitability.

7. What is the custom Large Language Model (LLM) on ChainTrade?

The custom Large Language Model (LLM) on ChainTrade is a sophisticated AI tool designed to analyze and interpret vast amounts of textual data from multiple sources, such as financial news, market analysis reports, and social media. This model utilizes natural language processing (NLP) to extract relevant information, identify trends, and generate actionable insights for traders. The LLM helps users understand complex market dynamics and sentiment by providing summarized interpretations and predictive analytics. This feature is particularly useful for traders who need to stay ahead of market trends and adjust their strategies based on nuanced, real-time changes in market sentiment and economic indicators.

8. How can I contact support if I have issues or questions?

ChainTrade provides a comprehensive support system, including a detailed FAQ section on its website, a 24/7 customer support chat, and email support. For more complex issues or direct assistance, users can also reach out through the sites Customer Support ticketing system or via email to : Support@chaintrade.ai.


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